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Warming Up to Cold Brew

“People are definitely changing their taste for coffee and willing to accept a beverage they would not have had otherwise,” said John McClafferty, president of CoffeeWorks, Inc., a manufacturer of cold brew coffee equipment. “Preferences are changing. Now that they’ve been exposed to it and understand the better flavor profile that can be presented in cold brew, there’s going to be a continuing shift.

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TinyTanks Makes Big Splash in Small-Scale Cold Brew Production

Cold coffee brewing equipment maker CoffeeWorks is thinking small, in a big way. After introducing its line of larger scale brewing equipment three years ago, the same team behind CoffeeWorks has launched a second company, TinyTanks, offering a turnkey brewing system designed to give roasters, retailers and other makers of smaller-batch cold brew more power over their production techniques and filtration.

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