We are a world class provider of brewing systems and parts. We have brew systems and components designed to enhance your beverage making experience. We work hard to provide you the best quality equipment at a reasonable price. The TinyTanks cold brew systems were specifically designed with coffee shops, roasters, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and bars in mind. We’ve focused our attention on building a system that is cleaner, easier to use and more efficient at brewing small to medium batches of cold brew coffee. Our system features a custom Cold Brew Stainless Steel Brewing Kettle, custom fit Stainless Steel Cold Brew Coffee Filtration for brewing anywhere from 5–30 gallons of ready to drink, or cold brew coffee concentrate!

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Are you a coffee roaster in need of capital? Look no further than Specialty Coffee Finance; we are a premier lender in the specialty coffee industry. We focus on providing the capital you need to grow your business so you can continue doing what you love. Each and every transaction is given personal attention, because we are in the business of making long-term customer relationships. We provide many services including financing essential use equipment. Get approved for up to $150,000 in as little as 24 hours using ONLY an application. Simply apply by filling out our online application. Need more than that? We have financed well over $1,000,000 for roasters, so call us today and let’s talk about your specific needs!

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We know it requires Quality Equipment to produce Premium Cold Brewed Coffee. We also know that creating large batches of Cold Brew Coffee is time consuming and labor intensive… Until now. From Small, Local Coffee Roasters to the largest Cold Brew and Coffee Companies: We offer Patent-Pending, Customizable Cold Brew Coffee Systems that scale batches from 50 gallons to 5,000 gallons, faster and more efficiently, while using up to 60% less coffee. Even better? Our system cuts cold brew production time in half. We’ve focused our company on creating this exciting new equipment specifically for the cold brew coffee and tea markets. No longer will you need to use equipment that’s outdated or intended for other beverage production.

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The vending bikes from Bike and a Box are compact, feature-rich Micro Cafes built on a bike frame. Designed for anyone who wants to hit the road and start their own mobile business. Whether it’s food, drinks on tap or merchandise sales, our bikes can be customized to one’s specific needs. The assist motor makes it easy to move the bike and even climb moderate hills. The bikes are constructed of sturdy steel frame and aluminum, offering a robust mobile food sales option that is also light and portable. Full specifications can be found on our website

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We offer an extensive selection of hygienic material handling and sanitary cleaning products including Type 316 stainless steel pharma scoops. We also carry a full line of FDA-compliant, hygienically designed and color-coded brushes, scoops, brooms and squeegees that assist in preventing bacterial contamination. Ideal stainless steel tools for food and beverage manufacturers.

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FilterWorks – Leading the way in Cold Brew Coffee filtration.

From small batches to mass production, our filtration solutions are designed to work with your existing cold brew system. FilterWorks filtration processes enable you to filter your coffee effortlessly and efficiently without risking over-filtration and product loss, while extending shelf life.
FilterWorks equipment works with your existing system to enhance your filtering process.

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A worldwide leader in citric acid passivation solutions and other low-hazard products for cleaning and care of stainless steel. Passivation of stainless steel has conventionally been accomplished by immersing the steel in a nitric acid bath. This process is both hazardous and environmentally unfriendly. Stellar Solutions has a complete line of stainless steel passivation products for safer and easier production and corrosion protection which conform to many industry standards, including ASTM A967, A380, and AMS 2700.

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Dolium One Way kegs are better by design. With a shelf-life equal to returnable steel kegs, Dolium One Way kegs are FDA & CE approved. They are safe, strong and compatible with all existing filling and draught equipment, including the only patented re-closable valve system. Dolium One Way PET kegs are 100% recyclable and no return trips or cleaning means they are better for the environment. Lifecycle analysis is available upon request. Our target is to manufacture PET kegs by using 25% recycled materials (by weight) by end of 2021. Dolium sustainable kegs help lower CO2 emissions by being lighter than steel, cheaper to transport and no return trips. Also no chemicals are required to clean them either. LCA validated results +26% Eco score vs returnable steel kegs.

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It is the mission of Grindmaster, UNIC and Crathco to provide a high quality product, at a competitive price, delivered on time.

Grindmaster, UNIC and Crathco consist of team members who provide exceptional service to both external and internal customers, and who are valued and respected for their contribution to our mutual success.

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Family owned and operated since 1984, Pioneer Packaging offers innovative packaging solutions. Our experienced sales force and empowered customer service team, along with strategic warehouses in Seattle and Portland, allow products to be delivered on schedule. From Dolium One-Way PET Kegs to glass bottles and shipping containers, Pioneer is proud to carry a variety of packaging products for the beverage industry. We are the sole distributor in the Western United States for Dolium. Contact us at sales@pioneernw.com.

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AeroPress, Inc. is the manufacturer of the AeroPress coffee maker, an innovative coffee press beloved by a multitude of global fans.

The company was founded in 1984 by Alan Adler, a renowned inventor and retired Stanford University engineering instructor, to manufacture and sell his revolutionary sporting goods inventions, including the Aerobie Pro flying ring, which set a Guinness World Record for the longest throw. In 2004 Alan began studying the coffee brewing process and analyzing coffee maker designs in order to create a truly innovative device that would brew a superior cup of coffee. At a coffee industry trade show in November, 2005, Aerobie debuted its breakthrough AeroPress coffee maker.

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Industries such as iced coffee, teas and specialty non alcoholic drinks of every kind are enjoying enormous growth. Artisan producers are finding the XpressFill line of bottle filling machines perfect for bottling whatever their creativity manifests. Depending on the product, one of the two models of XpressFill bottle fillers will likely be perfect to fit the needs of your business. The adjustable timer on our XpressFill volumetric filler allows the use of a wide range of bottles. The XpressFill level fillers stop the fill at a precise height in the bottle. XpressFill bottle fillers are extremely easy to use and maintain. We provide the technology to bottle your passion, including passion fruit tea! Our bottle fillers help your business succeed.

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World’s Leading Manufacturer in Nitro Tech

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All our 1883 syrups are manufactured in France at the base of the French Alps, using Cane sugar, fruit juices and high quality ingredients that makes all the difference in taste. Please find enclosed our full list. Syrups are our main product line, but we also offer chocolate sauces and fruit purees and 100% fruit, no added sugar smoothies. Close your eyes. Lose yourself amidst the memories of childhood, and all that a single drop of syrup trickled upon the tongue might evoke. An inspiration to great chefs, wines, and perfumes, 1883 delivers a pitch-performance for the senses with an unmistakable purity that says “Made in France”.

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Unparalleled taste, proven profitability

Discover the difference between big‐box beans and truly fresh coffee roasted onsite with exclusive technology available only through Java Master®. We understand the importance of taste. In fact, that’s how Java Master was born. Our coffee‐loving founders learned the distinct difference in coffee brewed from green beans they roasted themselves, as opposed to “premium” pre‐packaged beans with undetermined roast dates. You too can enjoy the difference—choose from our broad variety of genuine fresh‐roasted specialty coffees.

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